Five Activated Charcoal Products You Did Not Know Existed

Here at the Charkol Store we pride ourselves on providing Activated Charcoal based products not for just Personal Care but also home and for recreation.As the world is becoming reintroduced to using Activated Charcoal for Oral and Skin Care we are also supplying other products with longer lasting and more impressive results.Take a look at that list:

1.Charcoal Based Water Filters: The use of the ceramic filter can remove impurities and sediments in your tap water. The shell is made of plastic and it is safe and non-toxic. This device will help keep your tap water at home safe for you and your family.The Activated Charcoal filter allows you to have fresh tasting waters as if it was from the springs of nature.As we all know water is the sign of life so the cleaner your water is the healthier you shall become.

2.Shoe Deodorant: Made from 100% pure activated charcoal powder with highest quality food grade. Activated charcoal is a fine black powder that is very absorbent. It is created, or activated, by carbonizing organic matter. Coconut shells are what most of the activated charcoal is made from. This process increases the absorbency of the molecules so that more toxins and impurities can be absorbed and erase bad odors.


3.Nose Mask: This product is an inconspicuous nose plug that filters that air you breathe before it reaches your lungs. It’s made from 100 safe soft silica gel with activated carbon filters. It keeps your lungs and respiratory system clean and healthy.

4.Vacuum Replacement Filters:

Change every 3 to 6 months to improve the cleaning performance and suction of your vacuum cleaner. Removes pet odors when cleaning to help enhance indoor air quality. True Heap rated – filters out 99.97% of airborne particles down to 0.3 microns.

5.Moisturizing Day Cream: A moisturizing cream specially formulated for men’s skin. This product is suitable for all skin types. It helps improve dull, rough and dry skin keeping it smooth and healthy


Activated Charcoal Products will soon be dominating all of our lives and erase chemical based products that produced lowly results.Which product would you use.It maybe hard to choose just 1 which is why we are the leading experts when it comes to Activated Charcoal products.By now if you seen our reviews you can see we believe in educating consumers and delivering excellence we hope to serve you soon.Subscribe To Our Mailing List Today For Exclusive Offers & Give Aways. Visit Today!




Charcoal Based Products – How to choose

With the proliferation of different Charcoal Based Products in the market today, it might be a bit difficult to decide which of those are the best and perfectly suits your needs. That is if you do not have pre-set standards when choosing these products. It would help a lot for you to decide which of these products you need to buy if you set your on standard just for the purpose. Here are some real quick tips to help you out.


Buy what you need


You might be amazed with the many products that you can choose from as you search for it in the market. However, tempting the benefits of these products are, you should stick to the principle of buying only what you need. Choose the product that you needed badly at present. You should remember that you can still purchase the rest as soon as the need arises.


Purchase from reputable distributors


Make sure to purchase only from reputable distributors known for their genuine products. This is the best way for you to avoid becoming a victim of fraudulent people just waiting for their prey.


Avoid being an impulsive buyer


Yes, you definitely got it right. Even when purchasing Charcoal Based Products you should never listen to your impulse otherwise you might end up purchasing products which you do not need.


Three Activated Charcoal Products For Your Car

As we begin 2018 we are greatly blessed to move forward with awesome content related to our activated charcoal products.As in the past we we offer great information on how activated charcoal products can benefit health but also increase savings.Sometimes offering activated charcoal products feels like leading a cult.Well knowing activated charcoal was an ancient remedy always reminds me that we are reintroducing a great find to the world.Below we are going to cover a few products that each use activated charcoal as a key ingredient for better performance.




Absorbs harmful gas such as methanol, ammonia, benzene. Releases far infrared ray, anion and microelement. Controls the reproducing of microorganism and electrostatic shielding, prevent radiation of electromagnetic wave.



Helps maintain proper head and neck alignment. Made of high quality, bamboo charcoal bag, polyester with thermo-sensitive memory foam. Great for travel or use for neck support anywhere you like. Molds perfectly to your neck.




The only premium cabin air filter that fits in a special vehicle! This is a high quality environmental premium cabin filter with activated carbon will take care of your car engine more meticulously.


car filter

As always we love to help people discover new products that will benefit you the most.How about those 3 activated charcoal products.Did you know they exist? We hope to provide more and more awesome information on why activated charcoal is a awesome gift to the world and show the unlimited applications and unique powers it truly possess.When people ask “Where can I buy Activated Charcoal” we will be in the top request from people like you and other like minded people.Be sure to Subscribe to our Blog and remember we was officially labeled “The Walmart of Activated Charcoal”.Until next time stay positive and Shop here at the Charkol Store.

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There are great private label Activated Charcoal Brands like Carbon Coco,Blaq Carbon and War Paint to name a few that provide great service and outstanding products.Our aim was never to go Private Label and just branch off into a niche which is very profitable.We enjoy being able to bring awareness to all types of activated charcoal products.

After a speaking to a customer about how to use our teeth whitening powder the correct way she said we are like Walmart.I laughed and after a few seconds I became a little curious as to why.Me being me I had to ask and she replied that we sell products she never knew we offered plus our store theme is blue.I laughed again and gave a random amount of billions that Walmart is probably worth compared to us and we both laughed as I ended the call.Before hanging up I asked if it was okay to write about the comment and she replied Yes! Yes! Yes! put my name in it.Her name was Alena from Kentucky and she is awesome.

Now after a few hours I called my top affiliate marketer and spoke about me and Alena’s conversation.After telling him about the Walmart content he explained that feeling was one of the reasons he even signed up.So I asked him to be clear that he really feels like we are the Walmart of Activated Charcoal Products.He said these exact words “the only people that do not buy anything from The Charkol Store are either waiting to get paid or overpaid some place else”.Well I had to remind him that we do not sell to 90% of visitors in our Shop and have no idea why people can or do not buy but I kind of understood.

To further these small theory from 2 people I visited the Walmart website and instantly noticed the similarity between their current theme and our latest updated theme.Being more experienced on web designs and felt right at home and noticed certain things the untrained eye wouldn’t see obviously.So I browse around the website and it hit me that I was no longer there to just visit but I began shopping.Walmart and Amazon have this hypnotizing control over my credit card and some how I always end up with 4 to 12 items in my shopping cart.

Now that Christmas was over I am seeing all these other toys I could have purchased for my kids and things I need for my house.I even saw items I can buy and give away with very sell I make here at my shop.To make a long story short I purchased 8 items and spent roughly $210.Now I go back to website to finish my research and realized we have the color scheme and the versatility but I don’t think people get hypnotized on our store.Then I noticed most customers do not really browse our store.To be honest most customers see our ads pick the product they want and may add a product from the recommendations slot and then check out.

Unlike people really don’t type our name in the browser and land our home page and pick a collection to shop from at least not yet.We are working to be a household name in such a way people will begin to do so.There is a lot of individuals that sell activated charcoal some work for us but there is maybe 20 Activated Charcoal Online Stores that we don’t compete with at all.We use inspiration,knowledge and variety to create our own presence and it has worked out great for us.

The 1 thing that Alena did do by giving us such a positive compliment is clearly give us a online role model so to say.We can not offer what they offer but the presence and service they provide each customer is something we will strive for every second of the day.Being goal oriented I had to add that to my notebook and post-its hanging in my office.As we will be growing even more in 2018 we will only improve our service and offer new Activated Charcoal products as they hit the market stay tuned and have a Happy New Year.

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Three Common Charcoal Based Products

The Charkol Store

-Because of its essential benefits, Charcoal Based Products are becoming popular especially among women who are serious in taking care of their skin to look younger as they age. This is why many of these products are intended for cleansing, whitening and rejuvenating the skin. You might also have noticed that a lot of these products are actually for women. Here are three common products made of charcoal that are gaining popularity in today’s market:


  1. Toothpaste – this is probably the most common product in the market claiming to have charcoal component. Most of the toothpaste that are charcoal-based claim to have the whitening power apart from its cleansing powers.


  1. Beauty bar – just like charcoal-based toothpaste, charcoal-bases beauty bars also claims to have the deep-cleansing property and whitening powers. This is why most of those who use these products are men and women wanting to get the fairest skin they can possibly have.


  1. Shampoo – because of its anti-aging properties, charcoal-based shampoos are used to repair damaged hair. The rejuvenating powers of charcoal as one of the ingredients of shampoo is believe to repair damaged hair. Like the beauty bars and toothpaste, these Charcoal Based Products are all patronized for their health benefits.